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Universal Serial / PROFINET IO Gateway GT200-PN-3RS
application in intelligent temperature and humidity instrument
PROFINET was launched by PROFIBUS International (PI) and is a new generation of automation bus standards based on industrial Ethernet technology. As a strategic technological innovation, PROFINET provides a complete network solution for the field of automation communications.
Modbus protocol, PROFINET protocol, boiler, Intelligent temperature and humidity instrument, GT200-PN-3RS
Project Description:
With the rapid development of modern science and industry, automation control technology and equipment communication technology are constantly innovating and developing. At present, PLC, DCS, smart meters, etc. have been widely used in field production control systems.This application is used in the temperature and humidity monitoring system of the boiler industry,and the central control room uses
Siemens S7-300 PLC and CP343-1 modules to communicate with on-site intelligent temperature instruments. SST Automation offers a range of communication solutions for industrial sites.


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