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Serial to Ethernet Communication Solutions
Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, cascade, multi-master monitoring
Modbus is the world's first bus protocol to be truly used in industrial fields, published by Modicon (a brand of Schneider Electric) in 1979. Till now Modbus enables thousands of devices to communicate. Internet organizations enable the reserved system port 502 on the TCP / IP line access Modbus. Modbus protocol supports traditional serials RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet devices. Many industrial devices, including PLCs, DCSs and smart meters, are using Modbus protocol as a communication standard between them.
Case Study:
In this application, SST ES series gateways have dual Ethernet interface, built-in switch, support cascade, can be used in looped network; field connection can save cable and switch. Network security part: can limit communication client's IP address range and set the login password to protect the network security. Communication part: can support 4 Modbus TCP masters to communicate at the same time, and can support 32 command requests at the same time.
Structure diagram:

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