Communication between the Intouch and Ultrasonic Level Meter
With the proposal of "The Industrial Internet of Things", the industrial field application is to convert different application protocols into Ethernet, in order to enhance the field communication speed and quality. Modbus TCP is one of the industrial Ethernet protocol, which is the most commonly used in field applications. This application case is a specific application of data communication between the Intouch with Modbus TCP protocol and Ultrasonic level meter with HART protocol.

The GT200-3HT-MT implements that Modbus TCP master can communicate with three meters on the HART loop at the same time, three independent HART channels, each channel can set up to 100 commands, Modbus TCP can support up to 36 connections, Modbus TCP can support 512 command requests at the same time. Through the specific configuration software, Ethernet parameters, HART channels and command parameters can be quickly configured. All devices with a HART slave interface can be connected to the HMI with Modbus TCP.
System composition diagram:


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