SST Automation PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway GT200-DP-CA
Connects CAN inclinometer withSiemens PLC


In an industrial field project, the user used Siemens S7-300 PLC as the data acquisition and control equipment. The XT201-CAN sensor was used in the field. The PLC needs to collect the sensor data in real time and process it accordingly. The sensor is based on CAN2.0A and follows a simple Request&Response protocol. The XT201-CAN is a dual-axis tilt sensor that converts into a change in tilt angle by measuring static gravitational acceleration. It is widely used in various civil and military fields, ship navigation attitude testing, geological equipment tilt monitoring and many other industries.


In order to exchange data between PROFIBUS DP protocol devices (Siemens S7-300) and custom protocol (CAN 2.0A devices) (CAN inclinometer), the user uses SST Automation's CAN to PROFIBUS DP gateway GT200-DP-CA to achieve the conversion of the two protocols.
PLC Configuration


In this application, GT200-DP-CA successfully sent the data of XT201-CAN inclinometer to Siemens PLC, which solved the problem of Siemens PLC collecting CAN device data through PROFIBUS DP protocol.

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