connects Siemens PLC and Delta servo drive
CANopen/PROFIBUS DP, Siemens PLC, Delta servo drive, SSTCOMM, GT200-DP-CO
In order to improve production capacity and quality of a lithium iron phosphate battery production line, customer need to update production line system and upload related data of 3 sets of servo drives to Siemens PLC, through the WinCC site to achieve a comprehensive monitoring is the key of this transformation. The servo drive used in the field is Delta's ASDA-A2, which supports CANopen slave communication. As the Siemens PLC doesn’t support CANopen interface and the user's PLC comes with PROFIBUS DP interface, SSTCOMM CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway GT200-DP-CO is the best solution.
GT200-DP-CO function:
GT200-DP-CO acts as a CANopen master and connects the CANopen interfaces of 3 sets of servo drives by hand-in-hand method. The DB9 connector under the front panel of the GT200-DP-CO is the PROFIBUS DP slave interface, connect the DB9 connector to the DP connector of Siemens PLC via the DP connection cable. Using the PC-based configuration software SST-CP-CFG, users can pre-configure the relevant parameters on the computer, set CANopen related SDO, PDO command. Download the configuration information to the GT200-DP-CO under the configuration state through the USB port or RS232 port. The GT200-DP-CO sents the configured CANopen commands to 3 sets of servo drives, and the data returned by the 3 sets of servo drives is stored in the related memory addresses of the GT200-DP-CO. When the communication between Siemens PLC and GT200-DP-CO's DP side is normal, PLC can read and write data from the GT200-DP-CO memory-mapped area.
System structure diagram:
In this transformation system, the gateway GT200-DP-CO works as a bridge between the servo drive and Siemens PLC and supports the connection of Schneider CANopen master PLC and Siemens PROFBUS DP master PLC. Throughout the system, SST Automation gateways demonstrate their stable, reliable performance and provide a guarantee for the healthy working of entire system.

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