SST Automation gateway was successfully used in Subway System
Keywords: Subway Transport, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS DP, GT200-DP-EI, AB PLC, Siemens PLC S7-300, Industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP
I. Introduction
Subways operate in extremely special environments, so high reliability and efficiency in subway communication system are important. The industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway GT200-DP-EI developed by SST Automation was applied to the metro line in China, due to its practical relevance to the specific requirements of subway communications.
II. Simple gateway communication diagram

Industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway-related communication simple block diagram

As shown in Figure 1, the gateway GT200-DP-EI acts as a slave on the EtherNet/IP network and as a slave on the PROFIBUS DP network, enabling AB PLC to get data and monitor Siemens PLC.
III. Industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway system functions
Subway staff exchange much information in the operation and management of the subway transportation system. The information includes various telephone, radio and television monitoring, standard time signals, automatic monitoring information of power transmission, automatic fire alarm information, power and environmental monitoring information, and a variety of communication network management information, office automation and other operations management information. The gateway GT200-DP-EI is mainly used in the environment monitoring information system of the subway.
The environmental monitoring information system consists of the following components:
1. Host computer: monitoring
2. AB Logix5000 PLC (Rockwell): EtherNet/IP master, collect various parameters of the field control device (Siemens PLC) and send the control commands of the host computer
3. SST Automation GT200-DP-EI: bridge between different field bus communication devices to enable data communication
4. Siemens S7-300 PLC: PROFIBUS DP master, collect all kinds of working parameters of Field air conditioning fan
5. Field air conditioning system: provide air conditioning fan of all kinds of working parameters
IV. Environmental monitoring information system diagram
The gateway GT200-DP-EI establishes the communication between the field control device and the office network monitoring device. The Ethernet (EtherNet /IP) side of the GT200-DP-EI connects the AB PLC and the other end (PROFIBUS DP side) connects the Siemens S7-300 PLC. In order to achieve the purpose of monitoring the control information system, the main function of the GT200-DP-EI is to upload the air-conditioning equipment information collected by the on-site control system to the monitoring layer, mainly to monitor the frequency and equipment status of the fans (air conditioning fans) and receive control commands under the host computer.

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