Modbus/Profibus DP Gateway GT200-DP-RS application
ABB converter remote control
In an industrial automation project, the control center system needs to monitor the output frequency and working status of the remote ABB converter real-time. It also needs to control the start-stop, positive and negative rotation, and the frequency of converter remotely.
In case of an emergency situation, the control center can start-stop the converter remotely to ensure the normal operation of equipment. The control center system uses Siemens 300 PLC to realize the remote monitoring.
The problem in this scenario is that the ABB converter using the Modbus RTU protocol must communicate with a Siemens 300 PLC using the PROFIBUS DP protocol.
To resolve this problem the GT200-DP-RS gateway is used.Independently developed by SST Automation, the GT200-DP-RS can realize Modbus RTU protocol conversion to PROFIBUS DP protocol with its intelligent serial port to PROFIBUS design. Through the GT200-DP-RS gateway, the monitoring center system can monitor real-time and control the ABB converter output frequency, start-stop, positive and negative rotation parameters through Siemens 300 PLC remotely.
Configuration in the software SST-MPG-CFG.


By using the GT200-DP-RS gateway, the monitoring center system can remotely monitor and control the output frequency, start-stop and forward-reverse parameters of the ABB converter to ensure the normal operation of the system and meet the requirements of the automation project.

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