SST Automation EtherNet/CAN Gateway GT200-MT-CA
Application in Sewage Treatment
CAN2.0A/CAN2.0B, CAN to Ethernet, CAN communication monitoring, Sewage Treatment, CAN to Modbus TCP

With the rapid development of the industry, the discharge of industrial wastewater is increasing and the water pollution is getting worse, the demand for sewage treatment is increasing now.
Filtration treatment and centrifugal separation are frequently used in various methods of sewage treatment.
Centrifugal separation is used in this wastewater treatment case. Differential centrifugation is the most widely used centrifugal separation technique. It is important whether the inverter can controls the speed and torque accurately.

System functions
Using the gateway GT200-MT-CA to connect the CAN interface of centrifuge inverter and then convert it to Modbus TCP protocol to connect with IPC (support Modbus TCP protocol), to realize the centrifuge speed and torque parameters monitor and control by IPC
Meanwhile´╝îthe sewage treatment plant covers a large area, the distribution of each centrifuge is scattered and the wiring is tedious. The gateway GT200-MT-CA can solve those problems through the cascade connection, which makes wiring easy, simple and save the cable and switch costs.
System composition diagram
The sewage treatment system uses SST Automation CAN to Modbus TCP gateway to achieve the communication between inverter and IPC. The gateway network port used built-in switch, support cascade connection, saving cables, switches and costs. With the powerful PC monitor software, users can easily debug with the inverter and use conveniently.

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