SST Automation HART Communication Solution
HART protocol, protocol conversion, Modbus, Profibus DP, EtherNet/IP

The HART protocol was introduced in 1985 as a communication solution between intelligent field instruments and control room equipment. Through 30 years of development, HART technology has matured into the industry standard for global intelligent instruments.

The HART technology is a master / slave protocol, which means the slave devices will not send a signal until the master device sends a request. The HART protocol can be used in a variety of modes, such as single point mode or multi-point mode, to transfer information between HART instruments and the central control or monitoring system.

The HART protocol can have up to two master devices (primary master and secondary master). When using the second master to control, the control/monitoring system communication of the primary master station will not interfere.

Key Features of HART series gateways:
1. Primary Function: To support the communication between HART and Modbus serial/Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, and other protocols.
2. The HART side can be configured as the primary or secondary master.
3. Supports single-point and multi-point mode at the HART side.
4. Easy to configure by configuration software-No programming required.
5. Installation: 1.4 in (35mm) DIN RAIL.
6. Protection level: IP20.
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SST Automation's gateways can enablea seamless communication between many different protocols to bridge the gap for a large variety of applications. SST Automation is committed to fulfill customer needs and ensure satisfaction.

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