HART to Modbus TCP Gateway GT200-HT-MT
Application in Sewage Treatment Plant
With the intensification of water pollution around the world, sewage treatment has become a major concern in various countries in recent years. In wastewater treatment, advanced industrial automation technology plays an important role in improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
Project Introduction
The central control room of a large-scale sewage treatment plant shall monitor the instantaneous flow rate, total flow rate, and concentration of sewage in the pipeline in real time. Once the parameter exceeds the standard alarm, it shall immediately notify the on-site staff. The measurement equipment installed on the pipeline is a flow meter and supports the HART protocol.
The monitoring system in the central control room is SCADA software and supports the Modbus TCP protocol. The communication between measurement equipment and monitor system cannot be performed directly. HART to Modbus TCP gateway GT200-HT-MT can help the central control room collect HART flowmeter parameters in real time through the SCADA software.
System Diagram
Why choose the GT200-HT-MT ?
1. Widely used. Any device with HART slave interface can access Modbus TCP network.
2. Simple application. There is no need for user to understand the HART and Modbus TCP technology details, just refer to the product manual and through a special configuration software user can complete the configuration and quickly achieve communication.
3. Extensive debugging functions. Without connection to the Modbus TCP master station, use the diagnostic function of the software to view the data and units of the HART device online in real time, facilitating the debugging of the on-site personnel.
4. The advanced function of the HART command. Under the advanced mode, the segmented mapping function of the HART command facilitates customers to selectively acquire HART variable values.
5. Competitive price. One HART channel can connect multiple HART devices.
6. Safe and stable. The product has passed international certification and has strong anti-interference ability.

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