Modbus / ThingWorx Gateway IOT600-TWX-TS Application in Intelligent Buildings
Internet of Things (IoT), ThingWorx, Industrial Internet

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gradually developed in many areas such as industrial monitoring, urban management, smart homes and intelligent transportation.
Many industries such as electronics, software, and communications are involved in IoT. Industries like these leverage the capabilities of IoT to capture relevant data from field devices, transmit information through communication devices and services, and process information through data collection computers.

Application Requirement
Building Systems: Chilled water systems, hot water systems, water supply and drainage systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, power systems, elevator systems and security systems.
Legacy System Disadvantages: These systems are relatively decentralized. Heavy workload management and the utilization of energy efficiency can't be improved.
Customers' Request: Centralize the management of these subsystems through IoT so that administrators can check the operational status of each system device at any time. Improving management, optimizing staffing and reducing energy costs.

The Gateway IOT600-TWX-TS Introduction
IOT600-TWX-TS main function: Convert and publish Modbus RTU slave/Modbus TCP device data to the ThingWorx cloud platform.
IOT600-TWX-TS Features:
1. Seamless connection with ThingWorx as ThingWorx Edge Server.
2. Supports TLS encryption transmission to fully protect data information security.
3. Adopts WebSocket protocol to upload data to cloud platform.
4. Facilitates the design of rapid integration into the cloud.
5. Converts data collected into objects with attributes so that they are easy to understand on the ThingWorx cloud platform.
6. Modbus serial port supports automatic demotion and recovery.
System Diagram


The application of SST Automation's IoT system can enable centralized management of subsystems present in many building systems. It can carry out remote monitoring, remote operation and maintenance management of each device 24 hours a day, provide fault diagnosis and alarm, key historical data storage, and improve management level, optimize staffing and reduce energy costs.

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