Modbus / CANopen Gateway




The GT100-CO-RS can act as a Modbus-to-CANopen gateway or a CANopen-to-Modbus gateway(Only supports connecting 1 CANopen slave node), that can easily establish communication between the two networks.

Technical Specification:

1.   Acts as a CANopen master/slave on CANopen network. It can only connect 1 CANopen slave node when acting as a CANopen master.

2.   Acts as Modbus RTU/ASCII master/slave on serial side, support 01H, 02H , 03H, 04H, 05H, 06H, 0FH and 10H function codes.

3.   CANopen profile DS-301 V4.02 and CIA Draft Recommendation 303.

4.   CAN interface has 1KV optoelectronic isolation.

5.   Serial RS485 on board and baud rate up to 115200bps.

6.   CANopen interface baud rate up to 1Mbps.

7.   Max Input Bytes: 512 Bytes
      Max Output Bytes: 512 Bytes
      Max Input Bytes + Output Bytes: 1024 Bytes

8.   Easy configuration with free SST-CM-CFG software tool.

9.   Power requirements: 24VDC (9V~ 30V),< 2.5W.

10.   Operating Temp.: -40°F to 140°F (-40 ºC to 60 ºC)
       Rel. Humidity: 5%-95% RH non-condensing.

11.   Dimension(W*H*D): 1 in*4 in*3.5 in (25mm*100mm*90mm).

12.   Installation: 35mm rail.

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